I don’t have any advice to give tonight…I think if I think that’s what blogging is all about-then I’m missing it! So this is an update on our travels. We landed in Colorado, as you may well know, in the gorgeous month of June. Since then the weather has been lovely, absolutely divine! Rain, temps from 70’s to 80’s, dry (can you say perfect curls?!?,) and cool evenings and mornings.

We have also gotten to see some pretty amazing sights and the views, oh my! If you get the chance to go anywhere near Denver, please make the drive up to Mt. Evans! But do it in the morning, as the showers tend to come after 2pm. Steve has even ridden his bike up there, though he can’t recommend it since he said the downhill was like going over 500 speed bumps!

We enjoy hanging out in the charming nearby towns of Kittredge and Evergreen. Evergreen has it’s Concerts at the Lake all summer long every other Wednesday, we went to one and it was crowded and lovely. There are a number of charming restaurants, some of which we have spend a little too much time at…many of which have a nice view and charming mountain ambiance. The busiest place in town when it does get hot is hands down the Baskin Robbins, of which we haven’t sampled a scoop yet!

But mountain life, so far, has been a little more quiet than in the city (duh, right?) and we spend more time at home than ever. Steve detests driving “down the hill” as the residents around here say, so the draw of the city seems to only be heard by myself. I seem to have a small town phobia, have I ever mentioned that? I think it has something to do with manners, and feeling like if I say what I really mean, the relationship is forever-after awkward. But small towns are just made up of the same thing as the suburbs, people, families, and dogs mostly. So we were invited over to a neighbors house for a birthday party, and I got the chance to remember that when one of the moms was a first time homeschooler, and another is working on building up her Shaklee business (we never were with them, but have been in the industry forever-at least to my generation.) Another mom was a teacher who was curious about why we decided to homeschool-she and I seemed to connect the most, though perhaps we had the least in common. The thing to focus on, I have learned from this year of meeting new people in new places, is what you do have in common with the people around you. I learned this from one of my favorite far-away people, my Dad. But have definitely taken it to a new level.

And last but not least, it feels a bit like high school her in model-gorgeous CO, as in many of the people here seem to party and there is more dope smoked here than good ol’ Boswell High ever thought of inhaling;) But I am still focusing on what I do have in common with these truly kind, laid back, and fun mountain folk, and am, for the time being one of them!

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  • August 24, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Thank you so much for the comment! You have a wonderful website! Look forward to reading more of it- Love and Light, April and Jacque


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