Here are some lovely pictures from our trip to Lookout Mountain. The property was beautiful. There is no public camping on Lookout Mountain, so we were invited to stay on the property of a friend of a friend:) The views were outstanding.

This is the tree that the guys all went to together. Josh took me there the next day when he and I stayed home alone. The walk down to the tree and the quiet peaceful meadows surrounding it were breathtaking. Just the thing to quiet and soothe my soul after a couple of weeks of crazy running around.

This is Evergreen Lake. Isn’t it pristine?? If you get the chance it is a lovely place to visit. While we were there we saw baby elk, ducklings, some sort of muskrat, an otter, and goslings! Put that in the middle of this gorgeous setting, and we were well aware of the blessings of our Creator.

Here are a couple of the kids on the statues there. I think we visit here every day and the kids would never be wanting for something to do!

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