Did you know that only water is water? That may seem obvious but do people really act like they understand this?

Diet coke is not water, ice tea is not water, milk is not water, DR Pepper is not water. Next time you are in the grocery store look around and see how full people’s carts are of soda etc.

I had a friend who was a well known nutritionist. Her sister had many health problems but was not open to suggestions. One hot summer she was watching the news talk about symptoms of dehydration and she realized she had had all the signs for over 10 years. She started drinking water and almost all her health problems went away.

So what king of water should you drink. Most people don’t understand that reverse osmosis water is very clean but “aggressive.” It was designed for the computer chip industry and has no charge. As it goes through your body it tries to grab charge and minerals to return it to its original state.

You want water that is clean, has a good charge to it, the proper pH, and natural minerals. There are some good filters that do this.

On the expensive end of the spectrum is Kangen Water.

My personal recommendation is the Santevia Water filter priced very reasonably at about $200.

You can get it from my good friend DR Townsley:

Remember only water is water. So find a filter that delivers water you body will crave.

To your health


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