Here is a great story from one of my recent clients. Being an animal lover myself it is very rewarding to help in this way.

I’d like to described my experience in working with Steve recently. I am so relieved, and stunned really that the process worked as effectively as it did for me, and want to encourage others who may be helped to DO IT. It works. Here is what happened.

My beloved Mushi Katze, a big orange kitty cat of 10 years, died suddenly while we were out of town. Our housesitter found him at his favorite window, seemingly in a peaceful nap. Anyone who has lost a beloved animal companion knows that the crush of grief can be huge. They love so unconditionally, and are a comfort every day of your life. To realize that this precious companion is no longer here with you is heart breaking. I was inconsolable.

In an hour and half on the phone with Steven, my experience of this grief process changed completely. It was as if Steve was able to flip a switch and turn off the anguish, and replace it with a feeling of calm, considered love for Mushi, sorrow still there, yes, but the gut wrenching anguish that I had been unable to escape was completely lifted. What a blessing. It felt as if something mechanical had been switched in my brain waves and the effects are lasting. I have not returned to that state of incapacitation despite the daily reminders that Mushi is no longer in our home.

I am so very grateful that I live in this age when a technique like this is out there, and is accessible to me here in remote Kentucky by way of a conference call. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steve, for making this your life’s work.
— A Grateful Client

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