I work on a lot of pets and their owners.

Some areas of benefit:

  1. Helping owners get over the loss of a pet
  2. tracking down and releasing trauma the pet has experienced
  3. helping the pet deal with the loss of another pet in the home
  4. helping rescued animals adjust to their new life
  5. helping pets recover from surgery
  6. tracking down dietary issues
  7. Helping people get over fear of different animals

Thanks Dr Nick at Paz Veterinary in Austin Texas for another referral. We worked on Henry’s anxiety (was abandoned as a puppy) and he was much happier and chill when he left. Linda reported a few days later that he was much more chill on his walk.
Most if the dogs/people I work with are by phone.

Here is one clients story on how I helped her recover from the loss of her cat.

Actual session on rescued pitbull