Adrenal failure, it’s like a buzz word nowadays…(but does anybody use “nowadays” anymore??)  Anyway, I feel like I hardly run across a woman who isn’t dealing with this behemoth of a health issue.  Steven and I started seeing tremendous results in clients with nutritional protocol, only to see them fall back after a brief uptick.  Here’s part I of a series of 3 blog posts Steve wrote as his eyes were opened to the driving force behind this issue…

(Hint…”the push to succeed” may have something to do with it…)


If you have adrenal fatigue and you don’t deal with the emotional and lifestyle factors that have contributed to it you can spend a small fortune and half your life trying to regain your health without success. Do I have your attention? Good.

If you pay attention to what I am going to share in this series, and make some simple (not always easy) changes you will be amazed at how fast your health will turn around.

Before I define Adrenal Fatigue let me ask you a few questions.

1)Are you often tired 12-4pm.
Do you simply keep pushing yourself or resort to stimulants?
2)If you stand up too fast do you get dizzy?
3)Are your hands a feet often cold?
4)Do you have a poor ability to handle stress?
6)Hair thinning or getting coarser?
7)Have problems sleeping at night including waking up and not falling back to sleep?
8)Are you typically a very productive person?
9)Is your house clean even though you don’t feel well?
10)When life is challenging do you usually fight and push until everything is solved?

If it sounds like I am reading your mail you have probably worn out your adrenal glands.

Your adrenal glands are your flight or fight hormone glands. All the hormone glands in your body are designed to work together like the gears on a fine Swiss watch. When you wear one out you are going to cause all sorts of problems.

One other easy way to check your adrenals is to look on a foot reflexology chart and push on the part of both feet that corresponds to your adrenals. They will be noticeably more tender than the rest of your foot.

Adrenal fatigue or hypo-adrenia is one of the most under diagnosed things in the country according to Dr Steve Nugent past president of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. In the subsequent articles I will share how some simple supplements and life style changes can make a quick difference, and how Emotional Coaching can help you get to the root of the problem.

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