Imagine successfully doing MLM/network marketing is like surfing. You see some old surfing video or talk to some people who have done it and you decide you are gonna go for it. You buy the same surfboard they had, take lessons just like they did, and go to the exact same spot in the movies and the stories. You go out in the water and paddle around like crazy all day and never get up on your board. From the beach you can hear the person who talked you into trying to surf yelling at you: “keep paddling, keep going, you only fail if you quit…”

At the end of the day you go back to the beach feeling like a total loser, especially since some of the advice you got was simply to never ever give up. When you get on the beach a bystander asks you what you were doing. You tell them of all your big surfing dreams and of how bad you feel because surfing didn’t work for you. Your new friend laughs and says: “Didn’t you notice that aren’t ANY waves out there today. At this time of year you can’t surf here. You have to go to the other side of the island.” The next day you do that and have an awesome day of surfing. What was once hard has now become relatively easy and fun.

In network marketing you need a wave of very strong growth (at least 25-30% a year preferably that much a month). Without the wave it is nearly impossible for mere mortals to be successful.

Here’s the ugly truth of network marketing. The majority of people joining MLM’s are joining them after the “wave” of growth is over. They are being recruited by and cheered on by people who joined at the right time, and are making great money as a result. These same people wouldn’t themselves rejoin the company with the current rate of growth. Sadly the golden handcuffs blind them from the truth of what they are doing.

Network Marketing can be an awesome experience if all of the key factors for growth are in place. Especially the wave of growth. I am astonished that so many people join companies without bothering to find out if the company is experiencing positive growth in their market.

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One company that is experiencing a wave

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