After many years of requests from clients, I have finally put together content to educate people on the work I do.


  • 8 Hours of specific training on HD video and downloadable audio
  • Designed for people who are simply curious AND for those who want to be practitioners
  • Seminar outline with hyperlinks 
  • Topics include
    • what is the true power of love
    • Ruling and Reigning, God’s intention for man
    • understanding the quantum physics world we live in
    • what is muscle testing
    • how to do muscle testing
    • Understanding the most advanced energy healing techniques
    • how to release generational issues
    • How to quantify levels of consciousness using the map of consciousness
    • an hour of teaching on Identity by one of the top Christian ministers on the subject
    • How to identify dangerous new age practices
    • Key team building and leadership skills learned in over 20 years of business
    • The #1 key to overcoming burnout and building margins in your life
    • simple hacks to destress your brain
    • top supplements that actually work
    • understanding spiritual roots
    • How to reset your Vagus nerve
    • and MORE!

Watch the first 30 minutes from Sunday


I’ve decided to make the course very affordable. Seminar attendees paid $149 for the training and I got rave reviews.

Currently the price is $49

Click BUY NOW and you will automatically be taken to the download page once you complete the transaction

>>email me if you don’t get the link<<<

If you prefer you can VENMO me @Steven-Keller-4 and I will send you the link


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