As I reflect on the purpose of Keller Healing Arts Center I am struck by how few people really know what wellness is. If you look at some of the media you would be led to believe that there have been tremendous advances in medicine and as a result tremendous advances in people’s wellness. Sadly this is not the case. We as a society have confused wellness with technology. Certainly if you are in a car accident you are much better of now than years ago.

But a look at the basic facts is a cause for concern. When Nixon declared war on cancer 30 years ago it was the number 8 killer. Today it is number 2 in spite f billions of dollars spent on cancer research. “But people are living longer today.” It is not to difficult to “torture the facts until they confess.” Especially with large research budgets and reputations at stake. Several years ago I was talking with a friend on an Alaskan cruise about this very subject. He said his brother was an actuary for a large insurance company (a number cruncher to help determine premiums). His brother said that people are actually living a year or so less than previously. The big news however was that people used to spend a year in the “disability zone.” Now they are spending up to 10 years in the disability zone.

Yesterday at a memorial day picnic a woman apologized that her husband wasn’t able to make it because he wasn’t feeling better. Turns out he has been on oxygen for 9 years. It would seem that people’s health is failing them sooner and medicine is simply doing a good job a keeping a pulse going for another 9 years.

So what is wellness? I would define wellness as physical emotional and spiritual prosperity. You see if you are prosperous in an area you have enough to meet your own needs and help others as well.

Here is a picture of my parents from a few years ago. In many ways my parents are an excellent example of wellness. They have invested diligently for many years in maintaining a high level of wellness As a result they are able to enjoy life and contribute to others when many of their friends poor health has robbed them of their quality of life. My father often brags about being able to shoot his age in golf score. My mother is so fit that one of my kids asked me if someone was “as strong as grandma.”

My parents in Apsen Colorado

In my coaching experience too many people don’t believe that they can get better or don’t even know what wellness feels like. The emotional disconnect is often the thing that makes it most difficult to attain wellness. Recently I met a man who shared with me that he had lost his health 3 years ago due to prostate cancer and was unable to work. “I can help you with that” I told him. He decided that I was the guy to help him. After 4 weeks of coaching he is back to work and amazed at how good he feels. Although we helped him with supplementation, diet, and exercise, the first thing we did was identify and deal with an emotional issue.

In a later blog post we will deal with the importance of being able to perceive your solution to regaining your wellness.

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