I really loved DR Hawkins book power versus force. It was recommended to me by one of my mentors who suggested that I use the Map of Consciousness in the book as a roadmap for the emotional testing I do for my clients.

The Map is divided into a top (Power) and a bottom (force). Each level also has a God view, Life view, Emotion, and Process associated with it. It also gives a quanitative measure to each elevel.

When you live in force you can go from here to there but you always are pushing against something.Naturally life pushes back against you. This requires a lot of energy and creates many win lose situations. You can get things accomplished but it requires a lot of energy.

When you live in power you live lined up with noble principles. You can resists gravity but it doesn’t really care. You get much more accomplished as you connect to the easy and effective ways of doing things.

Although this isn’t in the book I see the MAP as an indicator of whether or not people are operating as children of God who are loved or as slaves and servants whose value is based on production.

For me the MAP provided an excellent template to see what emotional issues were holding people back from operating at a higher level.

It is possible to decide what you want to connect to or create in your life and then measure your level of emotional consciousness as it relates to creating that. Then simply see what area you are blocked from on the next level and what is blocking you.

Please watch the following 2 videos to better understand this concept:

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