Do you like to travel, but the idea of going out to eat makes your saliva glands drip and your stomach clench with terror?

Are you one of many who suffer from food allergies that may contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety?

I don’t know about you, but when I started seeing the results improving my diet had on my moods, I was sold. I certainly wouldn’t let a little thing like a vacation throw me for a loop anymore, at least not after Mexico


When my husband and I were awarded a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, we were ecstatic.  This was to be our 3rd cruise and first trip to Mexico.  Following a tradition we started with my oldest daughter, my son came with us to celebrate his 7th birthday during the cruise.  The three of us made for a happy party and all was going well…at first.  I stuck to my regular foods, meats, veggies, and yogurt, just a roll or dessert here and there…and there, oh, and there and over there!  It didn’t take long for me to dive right into the gluttony that cruising is. Soon I found I was eating all of the courses at every meal to feel satisfied, and blissfully throwing caution to the wind.

Then I noticed that I had a full feeling even going into a meal, and that I didn’t want to eat, but putting it off only made me feel more deprived so I would make up for it later.  I noticed that I was feeling very anxious and depressed, getting into arguments with my husband when I should be having tons of fun and no worries!  I felt confused and stressed!  But the full feeling increased, and my stomach pain made took a turn for the worse one night while we were dancing the night away. I started seeing spots, and when someone handed me the rare coin they were telling a story about, my outstretched hand accidentally let it slip through my fingers.  I remember asking my party to please excuse me, but I would have to hear the rest later!  They walked me to my room and I went straight to bed, believing I was experiencing the beginnings of a migraine headache, the likes of which I had not suffered since teenage-hood.  Waking in the middle of the night with a splitting headache and nausea confirmed my suspicions, or so I thought. But unlike a migraine, this headache didn’t end with my throwing up…it just kept up all night long, accompanied by more vomiting.  I won’t go into any more detail. but I do remember telling my husband that I would have rather delivered two babies in one night, gladly.  Turns out the food I was eating may have contributed to the anxious feelings and severe gallbladder attack that I suffered all night long and up until 11am when we left to catch our 1pm flight the next day.

I could and will write more on my journey to a healthy gallbladder in the future…but suffice to say, I now had a good reason to watch what I eat, even while traveling, which I am doing tons of lately!

Sooo, how do eat healthy while traveling, you ask?  Eat according to what is best for you, even in the midst of all those other offerings?  Well…I won’t lie, it can be tough.  MSG sensitivity, corn allergies, and low gluten tolerance provided fairly strict parameters for my eating guidelines. I hope you don’t need to avoid all of these things, and you may well have to tailor your plan to your body.

I will use breakfast for an example, since starting the day right can affect your entire day, not just emotionally, but chemically and physiologically.

A. Get a room with a kitchenette, and make the majority of your breakfast in your room.
B. Get a room without a kitchen, but pretend you have one anyway.  Most rooms have a tiny fridge that should suffice, but call ahead to see!
C. Eat out with confidence, knowing you won’t be in pain later since you know how to order!

D. Eat Out at a Market/or Grocer

A. and B. Eating in:
1. yogurt, goat or cow
2. berries (mix in yogurt or pour almond milk over)
3. protein shake (mix in yogurt or almond milk with or without berries added!)
4. gluten free granola (see above mixing options)

Sure, you could stay home every morning, but I am also going to tell you how to go out to eat, since you are on vacation after all!. C. Dining out:

1. fried or poached eggs, this way you know you are getting a real fresh egg, don’t order scrambled since it comes from a frozen box.  (Even nice restaurants do this.) You can ask what type of oil it is fried in, but if you are concerned go with poached.
2. bacon…yup I know it sounds like the opposite of healthy, but if you have food  allergies to wheat, pretty much all standard breakfast foods are out.  One or two slices of bacon might offer the variety you need to make it through the meal without succumbing to waffles, pancakes, croissants, or a corn syrup-y yogurt granola parfait.  Many places now offer turkey bacon to those avoiding pork.  (If  you are sensitive to nitrates skip the bacon, even turkey bacon usually has them.)

3. omelette, just ask if they use fresh eggs or an egg mix

4. steak or salad from the lunch menu, depending on how late you are eating.

5. ask if they offer any gluten free items on their menu, if you eat corn you may be in luck.

6. plain yogurt with fresh fruit on the side (you bring your own stevia or fave sweetener.)

D. The Whole Foods Market Option:

This is a fave of mine, just suggest to your friends that you go to Whole Foods or health food grocery for breakfast and get whatever you love.  Your friends are sure to find something delicious, and you will be alert and happy for the rest of the day!

Comment and post YOUR favorite gluten-free breakfast!  Or a favorite breakfast place with healthy options!



PS I was motivated and inspired to do a gallbladder cleanse by my friend, also a gallstone sufferer Dr. Cheryl Townsley.  I should say “former” gallstone sufferer, as she no longer has attacks after doing these cleanses and aggressively proactively regaining her health.  Neither do I!

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