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  Tired of talk therapy? Ready for results? Relax into a whole new way of living.   Steve’s unique, results driven consulting is a simple process that requires no extra work for you. You can access results from anywhere…  


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Package special $299 for 3 sessions. A $75 savings off of individually priced sessions. Steve wants to see you living well as soon as possible, so let him walk with you through 30-day, 6-weeks, or 90-days of one-on-one breakthrough sessions.

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For Life Coaches & Practitioners

  Everyone needs someone to turn to, even professionals in the field of “people work.”  Steve is a “coach’s coach” – leading coaches to breakthrough in their personal & professional lives. Contact Steve for an appointment at 817-729-3017.

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Adrenals: Fix the underlying issue!

Adrenal failure, it's like a buzz word nowadays...(but does anybody use "nowadays" anymore??)  Anyway, I feel like I hardly run across a woman who isn't dealing with this behemoth of a health issue.  Steven and I started seeing tremendous results...

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What Our Clients Say

It has been worth 10x the time and expense. I would recommend anyone who has any type of physical or emotional challenges to seek out Steve.

Bob Phillips Television Host, Corporate President

I feel I can now fearlessly “go for it” in my life. I am so excited.

Debbie Sutton Coach, Business Woman

I have been able to move past things that have hindered me my whole life

Rachel College Student